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Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. The Case of the Howling Dog by Erle Stanley Gardner is the 4th book in the Perry Mason Mystery series. EE. And as is broadly hinted ready to get things going with his secretary Fintan Meyler. Read More. All Rights Reserved. Was this review helpful to you? Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Case of the Howling Dog, Evelyn Forbes escapes from a mental institution only to be charged with murder. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Cartwright consults Perry about estate law, particularly if a will is affected should a man be executed for a criminal act. Holland dumped Rutherford for her former sister-in-law Elaine Edwards, also Ellenstein's former wife. The Case of the Howling Dog. garykmcd. "Don't let him cross his eyes through the picture. He explains that Evelyn, the woman now living with Foley as his wife, is not actually married to him. An agitated and desperate man spares no expense in insisting that Mason represent him against a neighbor's howling dog and act as executor of his will. 22, Allen Jenkins Cast. The film stars Warren William and Mary Astor. Alan Crosland Director. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With Warren William, Mary Astor, Allen Jenkins, Grant Mitchell. IMDb Allen Jenkins Sgt. Cinematography: William Rees Cartwright, showing obvious signs of mental agitation if not outright mental disturbance, has two tasks for Perry. A divorced woman escapes a sanitarium to retrieve money stolen by her ex-husband now married to her ex-sister-in-law. Holcomb . When the dog delightedly greets Bessie, Perry admits that the dog that died was not Foley's dog. View production, box office, & company info. While he's not the lascivious wolf of previous roles, William's Mason is quite the dapper bigwig and the star attraction of a big legal firm. Perry's men investigate and learn that Evelyn was married to Cartwright and Foley took her away from him, leaving his own wife, Bessie Foley, behind. In the end the right person is discovered and a few more the cast perishes in one of the more bloody Perry Mason episodes.The Drake Detective Agency figures prominently in this story as William Hopper's snoopers and their surveillance play a big part in uncovering the culprit.Interesting if bloody story. Barbara Hale. Click Here for more information. William Hopper. He states that the howling is a sign that there is a death in the neighborhood. Cast & Crew. Raymond Burr remains the defining screen incarnation of Perry Mason, the defense attorney created by author Erle Stanley Gardner, but he wasn't the first. Cartwright consults Perry about estate law, particularly if a will is affected should a man be executed for a criminal act. It's a small role in terms of screen time, especially for a star of her caliber, but central to the story: she immediately becomes the prime suspect and Mason's new client. Cast & Crew Warren William Perry Mason Mary Astor Bessie Foley George E. Stone. Written by Warner Bros. made seven Perry Mason films between the years 1934 and 1941, when the series ended. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of The Case Of The Howling Dog with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at TVGuide.com He's so busy he delegates most of his cases to his staff. Ann Rutherford. A very nervous man named Cartwright comes into Perry's office to have the neighbor arrested for his howling dog. The film was a hit and a series was born, with William playing the role in three more Perry Mason pictures over the next two years. Sign Up now to stay up to date with all of the latest news from TCM. Guest Stars 6. Mary Astor Bessie Foley . Cartwright's neighbor has a dog that won't stop howling, which he believes is a sign someone has been murdered. Mucho nervous Cartwright (Gordon Westcott), established in the opening scenes with a howling canine neighbor and a deaf housekeeper, has insisted on seeing super-busy LA attorney Perry Mason (Warren William), who sees a need for his in-house shrink (Frank Reicher), early in the first feature in the Warner Bros. series, Perry Mason (Warren William, playing Erle Stanley Gardner’s hot-shot lawyer in the first entry in the Warner Bros. series) arrives with Foley (Russell Hicks), the rival of his neurotic client, and the sheriff (Arthur Aylesworth) and meets his housekeeper (Dorothy Tree) who has an improbable bulletin, early in. Player Feedback. Mary Astor Cast. Ben Markson Screenplay. Robert Ellenstein. Vito Scotti. Cast: Warren William (Perry Mason), Mary Astor (Bessie Foley), Allen Jenkins (Sgt. "Warren William: Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood," John Stangeland. "We want plenty of animation out of William," he wrote. Read the The Case of the Howling Dog movie synopsis, view the movie trailer, get cast and crew information, see movie photos, and more on Movies.com. This take on the famous fictional lawyer is very different from the Raymond Burr incarnation. Mary Astor has appeared only in fleeting profile until now so, once the suspect housekeeper (Dorothy Tree) departs, she arrives, observed by Perry Mason’s snoop (Eddie Shubert), armed and confronting the titular dog, and Russell Hicks, slippery rival of Perry’s client, in the hit opener of the Warner Bros. series based on the Erle Stanley Gardner novels. In his office, however, Perry brings in a dog that looks just like the murdered dog. Starring Ann Rutherford, Fintan Meyler, Robert Ellenstein. "It is a well-knit story, swiftly paced, dramatically punctuated and, above all, honest with its audience," he wrote in 1934, proclaiming "this first Gardner photoplay a welcome contribution to the entertainment of cinema mystery addicts." Title: Lawyer-turned-author Erle Stanley Gardner began writing stories for pulp magazines in 1923. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. See the full list of The Case of the Howling Dog cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Burr again starred as Mason in an irregular series of NBC made-for-television movies that began in 1985 and ended when Burr died in 1993. New York Times film critic Frank S. Nugent gave The Case of the Howling Dog a glowing review. Helen Trenholme plays his loyal secretary Della Street, who joins in the fun and goes undercover in a sly bit of role playing that comes back as a key point in Mason's courtroom case. One afternoon, lawyer Perry Mason (Warren William) is visited by the visibly distraught Arthur Cartwright (Gordon Westcott). He claims further that the dog never would have attacked Bessie, necessitating her killing him, because the dog loved her. While Perry talks to him, Foley receives a note announcing that Evelyn has run away with Cartwright. Her brother handles the problem but decides he wants his ex-wife back but when the ex-husband is murdered she is charged. Cast & Crew Warren William Perry Mason Mary Astor Bessie Foley Holcomb), Grant Mitchell (District Attorney Claude Drumm), Helen Trenholme (Della Street), Helen Lowell (Elizabeth Walker), Dorothy Tree (Lucy Benton), Gordon Westcott (Arthur Cartwright), Harry Tyler (Sam Martin - Taxi Driver), Arthur Aylesworth (Sheriff Bill Pemberton). "The Cast of the Howling Dog: A New Screen Sleuth," Frank S. Nugent. He states that the howling is a sign that there is a death in the neighborhood. Modern sources add the following additional cast members: Joseph Crehan (Capt. Directed by Alan Crosland. Warren William again portrayed Mason in the next three films in the series, The Case of the Lucky Legs (1935), The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) and The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936). SUBMIT . She wants to get her fortune back but there seems to be little chance of that.Evelyn's brother Arthur Cartwright hires Paul Drake to find her and then follows her to Los Angeles to bring her back to his home. Each film in the series featured a different actress portraying Della Street. Driven to distraction by the howling of the dog next door, Arthur Cartwright insists that lawyer Perry Mason attempt to stop it. Sort by: Alan Crosland Director. Monte Markham revived the character in a 1973-74 CBS television series that co-starred Sharon Acker as Street. After running away from the Bayliss Sanitarium, Evelyn Forbes makes her way to Los Angeles to confront her ex-husband Clinton Forbes. Perry proves that Foley killed Cartwright and Evelyn, and Bessie is acquitted. The Case of the Howling Dog It's the dead man's dog, also killed, that provides the clue Perry needs to identify the true murderer. Screenplay: Ben Markson (screenplay); Erle Stanley Gardner (story) That series ran from 1957 to 1966. Warren William Perry Mason . Ricardo Cortez took over the role of in the fifth film, The Case of the Black Cat (1936), then Donald Woods became Mason in the sixth, The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (1937). Issue by means of clues, investigation, and clever deduction. William was the silver-haired wolf of some of the great Warner Bros. pre-Code movies, adept at playing corporate sharks with ruthless business instincts, suave manners, and an eye for younger women. After considering Edward G. Robinson for the role, Warner chose William after his turn as Philo Vance in The Dragon Murder Case (1934). In place of detective Paul Drake, Mason has a pair of staff investigators named Wheeler and Clark who tag team the stake-outs and surveillance. He also wants a will written giving his estate to the lady living at the neighbors house. This FAQ is empty. He proves that, with her left hand, Lucy wrote the letters that seemed to come from Evelyn. Add the first question. Also, have at least half a dozen shruggings of the shoulder and fourteen quick look-backs with the camera behind him." He tracks Bessie to her hotel. RE. Later a cab arrives with Bessie Foley. Perry Mason resorts to some clever-and perfectly legal … BW-75m. Mystery film. All about The Case of the Howling Dog (1934) English Cinema, Trailer, Video clips, The Case of the Howling Dog Reviews, Expert Reviews, Story, Photo Gallery, Trivia & Goofups and The Case of the Howling Dog Songs. It also gives him a chance to see his ex-wife Polly, who left him for Forbes. He assures Perry that he's not about to commit a capital crime but when Clinton Forbes is found dead, it's his sister Evelyn who is charged with murder. Not that he hasn't good reason to, the target that the siblings is John Holland, the former husband of Rutherford. After running away from the Bayliss Sanitarium, Evelyn Forbes makes her way to Los Angeles to confront her ex-husband Clinton Forbes. Cast (in credits order) Raymond Burr. This was the first film in the Perry Mason series. Robert Ellenstein Guest Star. The Case of the Howling Dog is a 1934 American mystery film directed by Alan Crosland, based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Erle Stanley Gardner. AR. Holcomb (wise guy character actor Allen Jenkins) to important clues and matches wits with District Attorney Claude Drumm (Grant Mitchell) in the courtroom. (11 Apr 1959). He created Perry Mason, his most successful fictional character, in 1933, with the novel The Case of the Velvet Claws, which also introduced secretary Della Street and investigator Paul Drake, his loyal team in what would eventually number more than 80 novels and short stories. On the other side of the aisle, Mason races Sgt. Grant Mitchell Cast. Cartwright wants his will amended so his fortune will go to the woman currently living with his neighbor, and he wants the neighbor arrested. 12 of 17 people found this review helpful. S. John Launer. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Raymond Burr ... Perry Mason: Barbara Hale ... Della Street: William Hopper ... Paul Drake: William Talman ... Hamilton Burger: Ray Collins ... Police Lt. Arthur Tragg: Ann Rutherford ... Evelyn Forbes: Fintan Meyler ... Thelma Brent: Robert Ellenstein Sources: To view this content, please use one of the following compatible browsers: Perry Mason gets caught between feuding neighbors who claim to be married to the same woman. In the house, she and Foley quarrel and two shots are fired, killing Foley and the dog. (D.A. The Case of the Howling Dog. FM. The Case of the Howling Dog was his fourth Mason novel, serialized in Liberty Magazine in 1934 and quickly purchased by Warner Bros. Take a look back at these Hollywood icons in their early days to see how far they've come in their careers—and how little they've visibly aged. It also gives him a chance to see his ex-wife Polly, who left him for Forbes. He states that the howling is a sign that there is a death in the neighborhood. It takes a challenge to get Mason out of his lavish skyscraper office and The Case of the Howling Dog offers just that: a nuisance complaint that careens into missing persons, false identities, murder, and a mysterious will that leaves a fortune to a mystery woman. While he is watching the Foley house, one of Perry's men sees Lucy Benton, Foley's housekeeper, drive away. S2, E23: The Case of the Howling Dog. Bessie admits that Foley was consistently unfaithful, but she denies killing him. S2 E23 52min TV-PG. Art Direction: John Hughes Cast & Crew. After he receives a copy of Cartwright's will in the mail, Perry investigates the dog problem.

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