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but it’s a 365 night trial, so I decided to give it some time before returning it. They come wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic and come in a bag! This currently review is based off ONE night of sleeping on it. One of most popular mattress brands, both the Nectar and the newer Nectar Lush are all-foam mattresses that focus on universally comfortable medium and medium-firm profiles, and most customers find these mattresses to be both pressure relieving and supportive. I was on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress at first because most of them are too firm for my wife. You can discover a vast array of bed mattress which are made from memory foam, latex foam, or either type of foam. If you have a larger budget for a memory foam mattress, definitely consider buying one with a higher density top layer.Update - it's been over a year and the mattress is starting to sink like cheaper foam. same deal second, third night. I never, ever, thought of mattresses. The mattress shows no signs of body impressions and she has had it almost 3 months. It’s not too hard, and not too soft. Memory foam is an unique product that responds to your body weight and then contours to your sleeping shape to ensure that you are comfortable. Ours arrived in three or four days I think to St. Louis and it looks like it shipped Fedex from the West Coast. The first time I laid down, it was quite nice and I do not mean to sound like an advertisement, but it was like sleeping on a cloud. I didn’t think about sleep trials or comfort guarantees or bed bug guarantees or foam types, cover types, anything really until the Nectar folks educated me. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable mattress and is looking for help with back pains. I went with this one because it was advertised as 'Plush' and she would appreciate it.The mattress arrived quickly and the packaging was pretty intact. She is the most important person to me!! I absolutely love the Nectar mattress, now I will be completely honest I have a mattress review website and I do get commission from Nectar as I do with any other brand if someone purchases. The Classic Brands Cool Ultimate Gel 2.0 Memory Foam mattress consists of three layers of gel-infused support. There was some minor off gassing that dissipated within 24 hours. It is absolutely the perfect firmness and temperature. it was not horrible, but it was warmer. I know the mattress is healthy because I researched this part in depth and only wanted a mattress with little chemical production. This is one of the most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever slept on! Another thing to think about when trying to find what to search for in a brand-new mattress is the toughness of the mattress. Bed well priced and very nice quality. Therefore, it is essential to note that most foam bed mattress will last as much as 10 years. When I received the request for a review I believed it would be good and important to share my experience. It really is a dream to sleep on. GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Nectar Adjustable Base. It is a most comfortable bed and feels quite unique and enjoyable to rest upon. After about 4 days of sleeping on this, I had no pain, I could move, and I felt rested when I woke up. I was stiff in different places, but after a month, I sleep much more soundly, I wake up less in the middle of the night, and I’m not sore in the morning. Bed arrived about 4 days later and my husband put it on our box spring. Alright. I appreciate that it comes with a nice cover. If the foam was not damaged, we could keep the mattress and they would send a new cover if needed, or we could exchange it for a new one. The box was badly damaged and the plastic inner cover was ripped open. We use it as the base for our mattress topper. When you have lived for virtually any amount of time, it’s no doubt you have heard someone state just how key sleep is. We bought a Sealy memory foam mattress for our guest bedroom. My wife and I are finally enjoying sleeping through the night. I can finally stand up straight right out of bed, haven’t done that in a lot of years. The mattress unrolled nearly flat immediately, and expanded what appeared to be fully in just a few minutes. It does exactly what the description says: relieves pressure points and aligns my back. I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service (2 thumbs up for them) I chose nectar. Very strong recommendation. When selecting a bed … I really like the design and the way this mattress breathes. We love bed and company people were very helpful and friendly. Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase, so much so that we bought a twin mattress for our daybed downstairs. Most of us were taught that the moral was that a life of crime does’t pay and you really shouldn’t be sneaking into other people’s houses - especially if they are bears -“ but another, often overlooked moral was “not every mattress will feel JUST RIGHT. You can find a way to pin the sheets but that’s a hassle.Overall, if the mattress is for one person to sleep on you shouldn’t have an issue. Let’s just say I’m a problem sleeper (insomniac) with chronic back pain. If you happen to get stains, you could spray detergent, vinger, water mixture and dab the area, but it's not going to do much good.You can't flip the mattress to the other side because there's like a 2in topper in the mattress that's not on the opposite side. Learn more about our affiliate program here. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, King 4.8 out of 5 stars 6,876. I purchased this with a 18 in bed frame, so it sits up pretty high (which is great for taller people).Couple cons: You can't wash the cover/outershell because part of the top is made out of foam which is annoying (that it's not washable, not that it's made of foam). My partner and I decided it was time to upgrade our mattress because we felt like we couldn’t sleep on a queen size mattress without being on top of each other. Absolutely love this thing! This mattress is so comfortable! If you struggle with pressure sores or need to limit the variety of irritants in your home, then you will want to seriously think about the benefits of owning a Nectar Mattress. Bad mistake. The folks at Nectar are amazing and very responsive. There are some mattresses that are JUST RIGHT for everyone. Many people who are looking for a better night’s sleep tend to rely on memory foam mattresses. Now I'm sleeping much better and don't toss and turn to get off the sore spots as much. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Is Nectar owned by Classic Brands or vice versa? Customer Satisfaction: Classic Brands: 8.6/10. It’s a really comfy bed - not too firm, not too soft. Share 0. But the best part is sleeping on it. Win-win.I’m happy to report that Goldilocks was wrong. The sories seemed quite incredible, so we researched the materials and company. I just bought whichever felt good at the store and was in the price range and probably bought a new one twice now since leaving my parent’s home in 1997 and my Dad used to remind me that a mattress should be changed every 8 years. 0. I had to wait three days past delivery date. Classic Brands Mattress Vs Spring Air. It didn’t take me much time to make the online purchase. It was perfect timing as it came in the exact day that we moved in. We thought we needed a customizable bed to be truly comfortable, so we tried a SleepNumber. Customers are some of the happiest with these mattresses based on our analysis., which should assist in your mattress search. I thought the company was new but it had been around selling madical beds and I believe that is why their foams seem denser. My wife reported less back pain the first day also. I found it more comfortable than the old inner spring, but a bit too firm and too hot. Nectar 3 (Win) May 21, 2019 Compressor Effects EQ iZotope Mastering Mastering Mixing Vocals VST Windows 29. Everyone uses customer sentiment and reviews to make hunting for products easier. Facebook 0. They think they are getting all the health benefits of the fruit that is mentioned on the label. We bought the package with the base. Then I saw the 365 day return policy and said, hey, why not?One week later, we received our package in the mail. Ask an average person the difference between a fruit juice and fruit nectar and chances are that you would draw a blank. With one end still compressed, this thing looked like a giant mushroom. The shipping was also very fast. The Tuft and Needle features a proprietary Adaptive Foam in its comfort layer, while the Nectar mattress features memory foam. I love the bed. I carried it myself but would recommend getting help if possible. The bed is a bit firm but still comfiratable but that's not my issue. And, the cool gel works - keeping the mattress from overheating. Overall good bed for firm users and it curves to your body. My boyfriend loves the new mattress and doesn’t even snore anymore. Classic Mattress contacted me a couple days after receiving the mattress to make sure I was happy, I mentioned a little issue I had (no big deal still very happy). It’s very likely that you’ve learned this lesson for your self, and also it’s also possible that you’ve heard from numerous others that definitely have acquired it also. A safe mattress for the spare room and a good nights sleep. I haven’t slept this well since a long time ago. Only had it about a week, but this thing is excellent. Stokes Select® provides seed feeders and accessories for songbirds. These are what really sold me.5 Star. I would refer to family and friends! This mattress is a total win. Classic Brands; Shop by Type; Cool Gel Mattresses; Hybrid Mattresses; Memory Foam Mattresses; Innerspring Mattresses; Futon Mattresses; Speciality Mattresses; Shop by Comfort. This is for the 14'' Cool Gel. I love it because I do not get up in the morning with joint pain in my shoulder and hip. I slept wonderfully! We got it in 3 weeks. This mattress however has a softer layer on top, with supporting foam under it. The mattress arrived quickly. Last night was our first night sleeping on it and my husband was so comfortable he over slept. The adjustable bed base creates a lifestyle home center, turning the bed into more than just a place to sleep. Affordable firm mattress. My parents and siblings are all upgrading to this mattress because it is so great. I have a genetic autoimmune disease called Hypermobility Syndrome which has deteriorated 80-90% of the connective tissue in my body. It’s so comfortable. Before I knew it Classic Mattress went ABOVE & BEYOND to make sure I was 100% satisfied, 99% was not good enough for there customer service. I tried several different styles of memory foam mattresses in stores and I’d say this falls right in the middle. I couldn’t be happier for the price I paid. Learn More About Nectar 3 Plus Click here to learn more about Nectar 3 Plus. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. I requested rush and they did and bed arrived. Wow. The mattress arrived 3 days after I placed my order. I HIGHLY recommend this product to everyone. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, Nectar can offer you the support, convenience, and support you prefer for total relaxing sleep. My wife was stressed at the idea of shopping for a mattress in person so being able to do everything online made it super easy. Cars.Up until a few months ago, I would have added mattresses to that list. Amazing product! But neither of us has had any back or neck pain.6 - No middle men, hence, significantly lower prices. Learn more. When we sleep in the bed together it’s like I have my own bed. The Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate 14'' Plush was the answer. For others, a softer bed mattress would better. Also, you may find them in Macy's and Home Depot. See the added photos.Mattress Thickness: The depth of the mattress is 10.5 inches as compared to the 14 inches depth of the conventional mattress. It was not cozy or comfy to me whatsoever. If you're on the fence about buying a memory foam mattress, get this one! The convenience level refers to the capability of the bed mattress, to offer a good night’s sleep. Excellent experience! This mattress is a great value and is very comfortable! They sounded really busy by the way at the office when I called and when I asked, they said they had just gotten some press on being 100% employee owned and rated very highly and could barely keep up with orders. I sleep so hard. Some people might have (or establish) certain allergies to particular types of products that are frequently used in the production of the bed mattress. I recommend this mattress if you’re looking for something at a good price yet comfortable. When late the company did offer a discount and received a call from manager who seemed to care. So far the new mattress has been great! No stock more company said of Queen. Classic Brands is your one source for all your birding needs: More Birds® carries bird feeders and nectar for hummingbirds and orioles. See how it all works here. Very impressed with the responsiveness/communication from Classic Brands. For that reason, it is advised that you buy a mattress that is at least 2 years of ages. My wife LOVES this mattress, If she is happy, I am happy. If you don’t like it, you get a full refund. This mattress changed our lives for the better! Nevertheless, most people do not tend to fret about this due to the fact that the normal mattress they buy today is made from products such as latex, memory foam, and even cotton.

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