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If you turn the handle while holding the front-most collar, the stem spins at a very quick rate (four times the normal, according to Stanley). The colors of the two tools are different, with Channellock’s as more of a blue and red superhero combination, which may be more your style than MegaPro’s red and black. Dottie also sells a version of the 13-in-1 that is typically more expensive than these two, but if you see it for less than the MegaPro or the Channellock, it’s an option too. 10 Best Ratcheting Screwdrivers December 2020 Results are Based on. We mentioned that the storage system makes it easy to avoid losing bits—but if that happens, there’s no question they’re more difficult to replace and more expensive. Pulling the carousel out of the handle takes two hands, and there is barely any place for fingers to make a purchase. It has been our pick since 2013, it’s still the best after a new round of testing in 2018 against 15 new screwdrivers. A shorter screwdriver provides more control, but there are times when a longer shaft is required to work in hard-to-reach places. Our list could go on, but it’s safe to say we used the tools on many things any moderately handy person would use them on, doing the little things that may need to be addressed in a home, condo, or apartment. Other than the color, they’re the same tool; MegaPro confirmed to us that it manufactures the Channellock on a private-label basis. The Kobalt 13-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver was the most inexpensive model we tested and it shows. The bits are in a carousel, like the MegaPro 13-in-1’s, but the cap has to be unscrewed to access them. Our torture test didn’t cause any wear or tear on the bits at all, and neither has routine work. The top six packages were very closely matched, but the new Sealey set just edged out our previous winner, the Halfords 58-piece collection, and the budget-priced Silverline. The bit selection of the MegaPro 13-in-1 is comprehensive and should be able to handle just about every standard screwdriving task in a home. The InstallMates 12-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver is like a budget version of the MegaPro 13-in-1. Kaisi 126 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 111 Bits Magnetic Driver Kit Professional Electronics…. Great selection of bits. Because there is no need to keep resetting the screwdriver in the screwhead or to release your hand from the tool, ratcheting screwdrivers work much faster than traditional screwdrivers. While stored, the bits stay secure no matter how much you shake the handle around or drop the tool (and we’ve dropped the tool a lot). Megapro 151TP 15 in 1 security/tamperproof $25 - same as above. The same goes for slotted bits, which have three typical sizes that can be found on set screws, hinges, and radiator valves. The MegaPro 13-in-1 is the one screwdriver we found that does everything right. TACKLIFE. We liked the flip-up holders and, although this doesn’t have as many bits as the larger Halfords set (below), the gap closes when you take duplicates into account. Bahco are a Swedish premium tool manufacturer and this monster 808050 ratcheting screwdriver set is great for heavy duty work, but refined enough to give you a light touch where needed.. As you would expect from the best ratchet screwdriver for the UK market, the three-material handle is comfortable and helps you apply a lot of torque to a screw. Price: around £17Rating: 3.5/5Total bits/sockets: 34/9. It’s nice that these are more easily replaceable, but the initial selection that comes with the screwdriver isn’t as useful. It doesn’t cover misuse or wear and tear, so if you run over it with the lawn mower, you’re out of luck. It comes with 12—and it would be great to be able to store them all onboard. Only MegaPro screwdrivers have this feature. The warranty also doesn’t cover the bits. Precision Screwdriver Kit, 22 in 1 Magnetic . For instance, the WorkPro Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver has a nice ratchet but terrible bit storage. It also has two different stems, so you can pick the length that you want to use based on the task. It’s true that an experienced user like a long-time electrician can work a regular screwdriver almost like a ratcheting one by putting pressure on the butt end of the tool with the ball of their index finger and quickly working their fingers around the handle to move the driver. It’s usually about half the cost of the MegaPro 13-in-1 and it shares a lot of the same characteristics but it’s not as refined. Price: around £15Rating: 3/5Total bits/sockets: 40/0. The Best Toolbox. Such screwdrivers are ideal for professionals as well as for personal DIY stuff. The JH Williams WRS-1 is a well-made tool, but it suffers from poor design. © 2021 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, MegaPro Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, MegaPro 13-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver, MegaPro 13-in-1 Ratcheting Driver 211R2C36RD, Channellock 131CB 13-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver, Channellock 13-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver, MegaPro 211R1C36RD Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, Almost the same, but the bit selection isn’t as good, Our pick: MegaPro 13-in-1 or Channellock 13-in-1, Runner-up: MegaPro 13-in-1 Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, Budget pick: Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver, a commenter, Patrick, in ToolGuyd’s review, 211R1C36RD 13-in-1 Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, InstallMates 12-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver, Ideal 35-688 21-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver, Snap-On 8¾ Standard Ratcheting Screwdriver, Husky 12-in-1 Quick Loading Ratchet Screwdriver, Rolgear 15-in-1 Multi-Bit Silent Ratcheting Screwdriver, DeWalt Max Fit Telescoping Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver, Milwaukee 10-in-1 Square Drive Ratcheting Multi-Bit Driver, Milwaukee 8-in-1 Compact Ratchet Multi Bit Driver, Stanley 66-358 Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver, Irwin 1948774 8-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver, Stanley FatMax Hi-Speed Ratcheting Screwdriver, 171BK/RD-R 7-in-1 Compact Ratcheting Screwdriver, GearWrench 40-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set, Stanley Pistol-Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver Set, Top Tools 2012: ChannelLock 13 'N 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver. A lot of screwdrivers, like the Milwaukee Multi Bit Driver, use the screwdriver tip as one of the storage spaces, meaning that there are seven bits but only six storage slots. What really sets it apart is the excellent bit storage, which makes it easy to find, store, swap—and never drop—its six unusually tough double-sided bits. 5,310 Reviews Scanned Powered by Trending Searches ... STANLEY Screwdriver, Ratcheting, Multi-Bit (69-189) 8.2 7.7 The stem wobbles all over the place and the bits are stored behind a screw cap that kept mis-threading when we tried to put it on. The Makita DF001DW 3.6V Lithium-Ion 1/4″ Hex Screwdriver Kit, Teal, 3.6V is sturdily-made making it one of the best cordless screwdriver. Last, the little holding clips don’t do their job, so when we did manage to get the handle open, loose bits came tumbling out of the back of the tool. For some, removing these bits and buying alternatives will be no problem, but we feel that most will be happier simply buying the 13-in-1 (our pick) knowing that it already comes with the best selection of bits. Big numbers for this set, pushing the larger Halfords package hard for the total number of bits supplied, and with fewer duplicates. The 10 best screwdrivers to buy in the UK. Keeping a supply of individual screwdrivers for all of these uses gobbles up valuable space and leads to you owning tools that rarely get used. There are other tools that have additional features or a finer ratchet, but for a solid ratcheting action, fantastic bit storage, a useful selection of bits, and an oddly comfortable handle, the MegaPro 13-in-1 is the one to beat. Price: around £22Rating: 3/5Total bits/sockets: 20/9. Fantastic selection of bits, love the sliding storage/organizer mechanism. It never gained purchase but caught it enough so that the working edges of the bit got a severe thrashing. We found getting the cartridge on and off to be tedious and difficult and prefer having the MegaPro’s 12 bits at our disposal at all times. The Wera 27 RA Ratcheting Screwdriver was definitely the coolest looking of the tools and the one with the most unique storage system. The rear cap doesn’t close with the same nice “pop,” the handle isn’t as comfortable, and the bit storage is a little more difficult to open. We liked the grippy handles and the smooth tops that unscrew for extra bit storage, but the smaller bits would be limited to more fiddly jobs, and the driver cried out for a finer ratchet. Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS, CREMAX Professional Cushion Grip 5 Phillips and 5 Flat…. But if you’re already certain you need this tool, the first one to consider is the Milwaukee 8-in-1 Compact Ratchet Multi Bit Driver. While in use, they just rattle around in the handle, and it’s a pain to swap one out. The handle is also on the bulky side. We used the screwdrivers to hang towel bars, tighten hinges, install toilet paper holders, make adjustments to radiator valves, tinker with pocket door hardware, and do some light electrical work. The Bahco 808050 Ratchet Bit Screwdriver is a very nice tool. With no case and a price hike of £5 since last time, this set lost enough points to drop a place. These tools have a ring on the handle that can be held stationary in order to gear the ratcheting mechanism to a higher setting, which delivers four times the turning speed to the handle (but only for low-torque applications). These smaller bits are not only easier to replace if lost, but also allow you to customize your bit selection. Another set in a nice, strong box, with the contents held firmly in a moulded plastic tray. My most used multi-bit driver. All of the less expensive screwdrivers we looked at had compromises, as does this one, but the Husky works better than the rest. Bits are good quality and cheap to replace.Cheap and durable. Of these models, the majority of them come with specialty bits designed with a specific trade or task in mind such as elevator maintenance, HVAC, and RV repair, just to name a few. MegaPro also offers the 171BK/RD-R 7-in-1 Compact Ratcheting Screwdriver. For what it’s worth, a commenter, Patrick, in ToolGuyd’s review claims that when he needed a replacement bit, he called MegaPro “and they sent me a bit for free.”. The gripping area of the handle is mostly rubberized and has a series of nubs in it for better purchase. Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece 9-31794 . The bit storage is functional, and the ratchet toggle is easy to use. While we can’t choose your tools for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best multi bit screwdrivers showcased below. As with most of the other sub-$20 tools, the bits were easily damaged during the durability testing. Second, the automotive version is typically more expensive, often closing in on the $40 mark. Also the handle isn’t that comfortable. He lives in a very demanding 250-year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home. The selection of bits is good, with only two duplicates, although the heavy bias to Torx and hex leaves just three standard slotted heads. New 2018 tests against 15 new screwdrivers confirm the MegaPro 13-in-1 (or the nearly identical Channellock tool) is our pick for the best multi-bit screwdriver. The additional bits are quite rare and aren’t likely to be found in your house. To find out, we tested eight sets, three of which also had a range of 1/4-inch drive sockets, adding to their versatility for smaller jobs. And for years, the Wave+ has been the standard by which all others are judged. The bits are contained in two flexible holders and the whole thing is laid out well, but includes no sockets, and no markings to identify each bit. Even with the roomy storage capacity for the six bits (which really are 12 different driver tips), the comfort of the grip far exceeded that of any of the other screwdrivers, even those that cost more than twice as much. The Milwaukee 10-in-1 Square Drive Ratcheting Multi-Bit Driver has a nice feel, but the bit storage is on the outside of the handle and, like similar models, is needlessly fussy and not as quick as the MegaPro’s. Ratcheting screwdrivers have a toggle, usually up at the base of the stem, that moves the ratcheting mechanism from clockwise to counterclockwise depending on whether you’re tightening or loosening a screw. Here’s what we recommend. The driver was coarse, too, with just 10 teeth, but the keen price makes this a great budget buy. Also, for a set with no case or ratchet, we thought the price was a bit high. The driver is a handy 170mm long before adding the bits, five of which are 50mm, and the set includes nine sockets covering 5-13mm. All rights reserved.Auto Express™ is a registered trade mark. Best Sellers in. It’s a great feature and one we found particularly useful when dealing with partially stripped screws or big hinge screws that we were worried about damaging. Bit storage is an issue though. Nearly identical to our main pick, this automotive version takes universal 1-inch bits. The six double-headed bits live in the handle, and one is stored in the tip of the stem. According to our analysis, the Ratcheting Multi Bit Screwdriver from Klein Tools is the best ratcheting screwdriver that comes at an affordable price and equips you with great functionality. One limitation of the Husky is that it only has room in the storage area for six bits. We put together a prefab bookshelf, repaired a busted worklight, and installed three screen doors. We liked the dual-compound driver handle, although it has just 20 teeth and was a bit clunky. Also, we passed over the Nebo Ultra Socket Combination Kit because the storage compartment is accessed by a screw-on cap. The 210mm driver was plenty long enough and could be locked into one of five angles. But which is the best? Magnetic Screwdriver Set, 26pc Set with Case . These tools are well-received and do offer speed, but when compared with the MegaPro, they come up short in other areas like bit storage and general ergonomics. Multi-bit: For the utmost convenience, a screwdriver should be able to accept multiple bits. If it fits your hand comfortably, has an easy-to-use direction switch, and the gearing sounds okay, then it might be a good buy. This can be used for hex-headed screws like the kind you might find holding the rear panel of your washing machine or on a pipe band clamp. In side-by-side tests, the Channellock and MegaPro performed identically. Wirecutter is reader-supported. These bits are complemented by seven 1/4-inch drive sockets – from 5mm to 11mm – and all are clearly marked. Even though it extends out of the rear of the handle, the carousel itself has hardly any wobble to it. In 10 years of construction, I don’t think I’ve ever run across a 0-size square drive screw. In addition, I take a very hands-on approach with my own 245-year-old farmhouse, and I fully gutted and rebuilt the last house I lived in. The WorkPro Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver is a budget model that comes up short. Ensure that a high-quality battery such as the lithium-ion battery powers your cordless screwdriver. First, this automotive version is designed for the mechanic, so the initial bit selection isn’t as well-rounded as our pick. Just looking at the raw hours since I first picked up a tool in a professional manner, I’ve probably spent at least a year of my life with a screwdriver in my hand. The Klein Ratcheting Screwdriver doesn’t have a particularly comfortable handle and is designed for an electrician who will use the various nut driving features. It is built solid in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. A decent set, very similar to the Sealey, but in an impressive box with three compartments, all locked by one catch. There are plenty of bits, including all our preferred types, plus Pozi. While doing all of this testing, we kept a close eye on each screwdriver’s handle comfort, the ease of its ratchet toggle, the convenience of the bit storage, and all of the other subtle features and details that separate the good from the bad. It has a toothless ratchet, so it can be reset with almost no movement of the handle. Our experience is that we’ll take a non-ratcheting screwdriver over a bad ratcheting one, but a good ratcheting screwdriver trumps all. Other screwdrivers, like the Marshalltown SDR19SG and the Husky Ratcheting Screwdriver Set, were dismissed because they only have the simple compartment in the handle and offer no bit organization like our picks. An added bonus of a multi-bit screwdriver is that the screwdriver tip without a bit in it can be used as a ¼-inch nut driver, a size found in electrical work and larger appliances, among many other places. Easy availability and a lifetime warranty make it the best option in the lower price range. Bahco 808050 Ratchet Screwdriver and 6 Bits Review. L.H. 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,211. It comes with a driver, which you simply slip bits into then use to screw or unscrew things, and 44 different bits – so you should have no difficulty finding something that can tackle the screw at hand. The bits are marked in their spring-loaded holders but, oddly, the 1/4-inch sockets aren’t. They’re nice to have, but we don’t think they’re essential. It’s a very responsive system. The ratcheting mechanism of the MegaPro 13-in-1 has 28 teeth, which is about in the middle range of the screwdrivers we tested. The carousel spins, and there is plenty of room around the bits to easily find the right one and remove it. Nothing stands out about the tool. It’s very similar to the 13-in-1, but the quality is just not as good. A screwdriver is the essential tool for minor home repairs. This manual screwdriver combines smooth ratcheting action with excellent bit storage and a uniquely comfortable handle to be the most well-rounded, capable tool of its kind. Nanch. The Ideal 35-688 21-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver is another good-quality screwdriver that suffers from weak bit storage. The driver top comes off to store six bits, but what hurts this set is its high price. Most ratcheting screwdrivers contain a gear and pawl mechanism that allows you to turn the screwdriver (handle and stem) one way, and then turn just the handle back to reposition and reset it, and then turn the handle and stem again. He also has very little patience for inferior products. Price: ... having the lowest number of bits but the best ratchet, with a full 72 teeth. A final benefit of the MegaPro 13-in-1 is that it’s available in two versions and colors, which could make shopping more clear-cut if one or the other is a lower price or easier to find. Ethan Hagan, writing at BobVila.com, says, “The smooth-action ratcheting mechanism excels, and the tool’s innovative bit storage is a refreshing change from the jumble found on many competitors’ products.”, Stuart Deutsch, in his review of it (focusing on the Channellock version), says that “everything about the Channellock 13-in-1 just screams of quality—from the bit-holding cartridge and comfortable texture grip, to the ratcheting mechanism and direction selection switch.”. Pro: Swiveling end allows you to press and turn easily Con: Won’t work for high torque scenarios Speed Loader: Craftsman might not make the best tools in the business, but they’re experts at giving you the best tool for the money. If the MegaPro and Channellock 13-in-1s are not available, we recommend the MegaPro 211R1C36RD Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver. Pozidrivs are also handy but not often used in cars, and our list of total bits includes any duplicates. Cons: Bits could get rust easily. The shape of the handle is bizarre with three concentric concave areas for the hand to grab, but it’s very comfortable to use and all of the ridges seem to be in just the right places. The Best Multi-Bit Screwdriver | Reviews by Wirecutter thewirecutter.com New 2018 tests against 15 new screwdrivers confirm the MegaPro 13-in-1 (or the nearly identical Channellock tool) is our pick for the best multi-bit screwdriver. While there is no question that the bits in the 13-in-1 are more difficult to replace, we’ve found that they’re extremely durable and, due to the excellent storage system, very difficult to lose. Another excellent, unique aspect of the rear cap is that it can spin independently from the rest of the body. The choice of bits is good and even includes three square bits, but there are no markings. Not only does this mean that you won’t lose them, but it also gives you easy access when you need to switch for different jobs. Buying a screwdriver set to suit all the different fasteners and sizes you’re likely to meet when working on your car would cost a fortune – and take up far too much storage space. The Husky 13-in-1 splits the difference, and while there isn’t much about the screwdriver that is exceptional, there also isn’t anything that’s an outright failure either. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2021. This caused the driver tip to skip and chatter over the screwhead. With no sockets, the 32 bits fit into a simple plastic holder, with the driver shaft slotted between them. We much prefer the organized handle storage of the MegaPro models. The difference is that it takes smaller, single-sided 1-inch bits, rather than the double-sided bits that our pick takes. They are all neatly housed in plastic holders, specific to the type of bit, and clearly marked. The top 10 list of the best screwdrivers lists various brands and prices. If you’re on a tighter budget, we like the Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver. There is space for six 1-inch bits. We use Big Data and AI to Score the TOP 10 Multi Screwdriver for March 2019. The threads on the cap are poorly done and became mangled very quickly, and we didn’t like how we had to plug five holes while dumping a bit out of the sixth. We previously dismissed a number of other models in our 2013 testing. We’ve added a runner-up, the MegaPro Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, and a new budget pick, the Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver. This isn’t ideal because they’re more easily lost this way, for example, if you have to set a bit down somewhere to use the empty end of the tool as a nut driver. The Husky 12-in-1 Quick Loading Ratchet Screwdriver stores the bits on the exterior of the handle. The Vessel TD-6816MG is on the smaller side yet has a very nice feel to it. We’ve seen a wide array of storage styles, and the best allow you to quickly identify and access the bit you’re looking for. In almost all ways, it’s identical to our pick; the same handle, the same nice ratchet, and the same style of storage system. Price: around £17Rating: 5/5Total bits/sockets: 24/10. However, there are lots of duplicates – notably nine PZ2s – and half the sockets are Imperial, which are rarely used on modern cars.

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