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I dont really lime this drama but I’ll continue watching it to see if there is some justice....like i font understand these rich immature adults in this drama. She loves her very much and will take a bullet for her. Lee Jiah my queen, she's just IT in all her dramas :), Nomnom Dec 04 2020 5:39 am They are overacting to the point where they look untalented. The parents were more elegant. I can like the writer for several reasons. It can't be Oh Yoon-Hee!! Could one argue that this drama is very bad? Ha seok jin will appearance in this drama? I’d like myth busters to challenging that scene in the beginning with an angel. About horrible parents and their more horrible kids. Knowing that their path is all dangerous , yet still persistent with their goal. Now he's tormenting her thinking that she abandones Seola.. huhu. She maybe stabbed her because she thought that Su-Ryeon take everything away from her. If you're looking for realistic dramas, go somewhere else. It's amazing that how writer did the Bae Rona character so annoying. The only good character was inhumanely murdered. Lol there yes, I would be impressed with the evil. I am rooting for Rogan and Su Reyon couple. I hope it’s less than 16 ep or at least no empty episodes... ARTS Oct 27 2020 1:31 pm but that's fine. For me, Lee Min-Hyeok is the most suspicious now. Lune Dec 23 2020 6:50 am Irene Oct 28 2020 10:49 am I can't wait for season 2, fighting !!!!!!! Have you ever wondered if at Penthouse Shim Su-Ryeon was forced to choose between the life of a twin and Min Seol-A without knowing that she is his biological daughter and for his own benefit? I hope that one or two characters would be memorable as well like Min Sohee from Temptation of Wife. It is too hard to be real, they are just overacting in all characters. It is a fun drama...People who are critical of this drama should understand that is fiction not a real life documentary...the romcoms or melodrama that we see in Kdramas too don't happen like 99.99% times irl same is the case here...try to separate fiction from real life, shaqkiddo Nov 04 2020 1:07 am The husband mafia scene was so ridiculous I laughed. Shim Su-Ryeon (Lee Ji-Ah) was born into wealth. I’m inlove with the characters and the drama as well??? And sure, he is treating her kindly (for now) but...his twin still has him under her pinky. Many of my friends told me their kids join Korean companies and the bosses behave like joo dan tae too, N3g Dec 05 2020 9:49 pm The rating was great, 6 episode first in Seoul! if they make it happen i'm all here for that... just to see how Seo Jin is going to go cray and for Dan Tae to realise that there is no higher or lower human being. ? The 3 seasons have been confirmed since the beginning of the drama, that is, the writer divided the story into three parts. She should see evidence of his actions. Always fight fight. TDS Nov 16 2020 9:57 am The series, directed by Joo Dong-min and written by Kim Soon-ok, spins the story of real estate and education war, a desire to be number one. O hope it is just for this drama and not true, Cast Dec 15 2020 11:45 pm usually if i dont like the drama will skip some scene but this drama totally perfect. Feel like gu ho dong isn't just a teacher in the drama... can't wait to see who is actually logan lee n gu ho dong.....this drama is getting more interesting by episode to episodes..... Cha Dec 02 2020 8:06 am No wonder the ratings are so high. I feel like this drama is dragging the plot (which I understand cos there has to be 16/20 episodes per season). Victoria Naval Oct 27 2020 10:50 pm Rich kids being evils is acceptable as they are spoiled by their parents. So Yeon, my girl....Go, I really want to see your performance as bad girl again...Can't wait to see you again... Nomnom Sep 24 2020 8:58 am still I cant accept the Last Episode!! sensible viewer Oct 29 2020 6:24 pm @Suryeonisqueen I never felt demoted, I just don't like bad interpretations. God, this drama really needs to end. I think people are free to say if the drama is to their taste or not. I don’t think so, and no rich people could do such things. this is so alike to sky castle omg i will still be watching tho <3. Hopefully, no rich kids are followed of this drama. The wealthies can do what they like and W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); frzzzzkl Dec 02 2020 5:40 pm Since they already showed us that the only decent character will be killed off I lost interest. Or War in life is just the English title. As much as i hate all the evil characters, I must say ro na is So Damn Annoying!! Full of surprising scenes just like Anna lee I think lee hi ah keeps her and she's in the bed resting I feel like shes still alive. What even Nov 06 2020 8:54 pm Carrie Dec 29 2020 10:41 pm If you are interested in The Penthouse just watch and relax and if you don't like it just watch another drama of your taste and comment on their page. That's where the real ending is! Wait Lee sang woo's wife in real life and in drama. An autopsy was done on her body and her mother, Su Ryon, did her funeral and made a necklace out of Anne's ashes. - Also, Logan Lee and Su Ryeon just need to have a talk, I think Logan is just being brain-dead & kind of ruining Su Ryeon's plans (his revenge bit for Min Seol A is good, the rest of it I'm just like what are you doing? I think the maid killed it as she has been the one who dress up as Su Ryeon & even edited their family picture as she is the Real mother of the Twin .. there has been a twist in the end of 20 but I guess Su Ryeon will come to alive somewhere in season 2 .. as she is the main protagonist of this drama. Retrieved from "http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page&oldid=819390" Great twist and turns! poor mrs su ryeon , she watched how her previous daughter right in front of her in previous ep? Does not make any sense at all. I only enjoy 70% of this drama. Bek Dec 08 2020 11:26 pm SPOILERS!!! it will be just another meaningless evil woman, watcher Dec 27 2020 8:27 am Aisho Jan 01 2021 7:19 pm Aerielle Lee Dec 02 2020 10:24 pm Sure it is there is another plot twist. Outstanding! Sunhua Oct 23 2020 7:04 am nina Nov 17 2020 11:14 pm Probably because of the confusing plot, inconsistent pace and bad acting. Cha Dec 08 2020 6:15 am She's been planning for the revenge all this while, but it's so easy for people to kill her? - Dr Ha needs to do something about his wife & daughter, all they do is just get angry and shout at each other, which is absolutely childish behaviour. Children will take revenge on behalf of their parents. Although this has very similar vibes. Just research your successes and you will see. so i might give this drama a shot just for him and his stellar acting as always! Life is no different, obviously it is not about being rich or not, but have you ever wondered if this evil of Penthouse is a reality and you keep your eyes closed? Nobody is forcing anyone to stay. I don't like the way Ro Na behaved, but when I see her taking care and loving Sugar, I see that she can change. I saw the "twist" and it was lame and again boring. Mainly because fiction doesn't have that power, but reality does and that's what I would worry about. Upper vs low class. May their next dramas be the blessings this one is not. Maybe the people in the poster are looking up to the high bar SKY castle set lolll. Guilty pleasure. This is satirical. Ughhh so frustrating. Haha Dec 29 2020 2:26 am I like the drama since the beginning, so I am very proud and happy for the recognition of the incredible actors. Why are so many ppl so salty about it? Nor does it make sense to show the worst side of the human being and then with small good deeds that are totally false to invalidate all the bad things they have done. Dear writer-nim, I watched the last empress, and i thought, "ah...i don't like such kind of this drama". { I m looking forward to Joseon Exorcist! am not sure i can continue to watch this drama because of too much anger, shouting and disrespect to parents. She's such a determined person and very self-centred. If the killer one of their child, I think it is either seokhoon or seokyoung idk why I think its one of them. Set around the luxury Penthouse Apartment with 100 floors. The penthouse Nov 08 2020 8:08 am But for the poor, life and laws are things that work differently. I can't wait!! This drama is unlike so many k-dramas and is truly one of a kind. Sensible viewer Nov 04 2020 12:49 pm Hope they could somehow find ways to modify the plot and if not hope korean film industry could ban this if they cannot change the unrealistic imaginations of the writers. Your email address will not be published. Episode 1 Mr. Queen. Yoon-Hee was at the scene, but I believe her did not try to kill Anne, but to save her and just held the tennis shoes (Anne's foot is in with sock when it crosses the glass). Nomnom Dec 24 2020 12:31 am Then, why don't suryeon tells the teacher that she's avenged for her late daughter so that they can work together hm. :). @Nikki the actress that play Min Seol A is on Royal inspector but she died the first episode. Why Cheon Seo Jin’s big red ring has blood during the night when Min Seol A was murdered? Gosh i really hate the kids lol I love this drama. It's similar to my favourite U.S. drama, ''Revenge''. I think the one who played ha eun byeol deserves the young best actress award (no hate for bae rona) look at the scene while she was reading the comments in ep 20, she's really into it and admit it, we all hated her character that means she's an effective young best actress imo. Carmen H Fernandez-Fernandez Jan 07 2021 5:49 pm Go hoo-dong I think is the same person as Rogan Lee which made me think that Seol-a knows from the get-go that Su-ryeon is her biological mother thus, approaching her with a motive by tutoring the twins. Cbhjj Nov 02 2020 7:03 pm Watched like four episodes and was bored out of my mind. Please Put Away Fragile Things When Watch This Drama. honeyharvest Jan 01 2021 1:31 am Oh, oh! In the end, the poor will always be poor. I think that this could have potentially been good if the writers spent more time on writing it and coming up with new ideas. The producers of the penthouse commented kim hyun soo kim young dae han ji hyun and choi ye bin have been fully displaying their refreshing charms and adding to the drama with a presence that is just as powerful as those of the adults in the story. Who noticed how weird it was for Logan and Su Ryeon to be yelling about when to kill their enemies right in the hotel lobby. All of the cast here is crazy this is the worst drama I've ever watched if the high society is really like this then I don't wanna be one..there is no single scene that can make me laugh all i feel while watching this drama is anger i want to kill all of them they are all idiots brats stupid!!! His presence in the chapter was not indicated and I know that this may be a slight departure from the mystery. This feels like this drama is trying to be the next Sky Castle. He always helps Seo Jin when she gets into trouble especially when she wants to kill someone like she already killed her father. but towards the end of season 1, it becomes a little exaggerated and turned into mission impossible (sorry to said that) But i love shim su ryeon role by the way. AIGOOOOOO Eugene & Kim So yeon in one drama. Ps. From the kids to the parents, all of them are bad people. Even though she didn't know it was murder instead of suicide, she could be a little sad. The most annoying character is Bae Ro Na, her character meant to be sympathized by viewers as hard working, ambitious and talented student. War in life sub indo dengan format 720p 540p 340p hardsub dan batch rar hanya di drakorstation. The only decent character i liked and they already gone in the first few eps. There's no strong closure that pointed out those mistakes when she was crying with her mom on that one episode. imagine i she was a man it will be really schoking, rounchan Dec 30 2020 9:18 am Most death cases in Korea are concluded as suicide. Then when your child damages in the university ...Would your exlover come forward to pay $100,000 settlement just to bail you? Am I a nuisance to society? It would be great if Ro Na dead instead of Annie. everytime when min seol a having a hard time, or when she appears i always cried, like really cried having so much tears <\\33 maybe min seol a role goes well with my feeling that's why or she act really well and ate hear role up ?? } How could everyone (ChungAh classmates/mother committee) even the stranger walk pass in the drama were all cruel? Yurihan Nov 17 2020 2:24 am What!!! I will going to survive this drama even though each episodes makes me angry. I hope that she and Yoon Hee manage to save Sugar and I hope that Ro Na respects her mother and takes good care of her. Lee Ji-Ah more beautiful and attractive than she is in spy series. I want my time watching this stupid makjang Back. Lmao this drama is funny. Bae Rona is extremely annoying. Everybody hates Ms.Rona! In my opinion i think that this is the best ending because the writer will leave many suspicious events to solve. The criminals are being applauded by the adult audience and advancing to the next generation, that's what worries me and that's why I don't see their films, series, dramas and don't even listen to their music. I'm ep14 and excited to watch it. He is just a rich businessman yet behaves like a sia agent who can do anything! Mandy Dec 09 2020 4:20 pm This is Devil Drama. Yoon Jonghoon and Bong Taegyu are together again after the drama "Return" hahahaha I miss their messy friendship there. What a twist is that !! Jimi Nov 17 2020 8:05 am Asha Nov 17 2020 1:47 am RAKW Oct 27 2020 11:44 pm ??? Jasmine Kwan Dec 09 2020 2:10 pm Hoping that they will end up together❤❤. It does look promising but it takes away the exciting or the good impression because of the story flow and actors. It is not an easy drama to watch. JK Logan Dec 19 2020 6:00 am Gisele Nov 20 2020 1:44 am There's like a bunch of other good underrated k-drama that deserve more love than penthouse tbvh, Carrie Jan 03 2021 3:45 am So keep watch KissAsian Dramas and Drama Cool videos online Free. Overall, is it realistic? !ihate this drama pass. SakcRuth Jan 05 2021 1:58 am stan enhypen Dec 23 2020 2:41 am Korean Dramas. Where is the relevance there?? But we cannot say that there is only evil, but also sadness, madness, ambition, revenge, regret, and there is an incredibly talented girl with a mother who had her dream ripped from her hands and her beautiful voice was torn as if it were nothing. So that we can improve our services to provide you more entertainment. But I think what it needs to improve is the plotting of the story. 47ik Nov 12 2020 5:02 am Ha Eun-Byeol is so annoying and overacting. Why actress playing yoon hee always scream like all the time? Korean are good people! Anonymous Chic Nov 10 2020 12:36 pm Sky Castle copy without homage license, they just swapping status, situation and character each role. In this drama, Logan Lee is the owner of 100 storey Manhattan Tower in New York - the adoptive brother of Seol A.. To avoid future conflict of inheritance, Logan Lee's parents were forced to send the child back to Korea. However, the male characters are harder to understand, which I get is the point. I will not be impressed by this falsehood, since from the beginning they abused power and people without any regret. Tbh they all sus, even if they didnt push her..and i feel like it may have been an accident....look like Yoon hee’s coat from the wrist when anna fell..i think something happened with anna and one of the kid and yoon hee tried grabbing her.... Riena D Espeña Nov 03 2020 10:13 am It was hard to watch the first episode but it will grow on you as each episode goes by. if I knew it would end, I would never look at it It’s kinda all over the place and I was kinda confused at first but I get it. I loved sky castle cause it was interesting with all the metaphors and characters balanced out with both good and bad. Latte Dec 24 2020 9:24 am These immature adults and kids act like some lower class is gonna steal their life and money....at least make this drama more realistic..why make it seem like they have no life and get upset when someone poorer is better than them.... Tgelover Nov 03 2020 5:18 pm The story plot was interesting at first, but I think the love line between Su Ryeon (mother of Seol Ah) and Logan Lee (brother of Seol Ah) is unnecessary. yaga Nov 18 2020 10:56 am Everyone of them was shouting and the sounds of symphony were even make me more angry with the drama. I don't know if this Drama is supposed to be a critique of capitalism but if that's the intention then the packaging really sucks in my opinion, Nine Nov 05 2020 2:40 pm We Dec 29 2020 7:49 pm Quynh Dec 20 2020 7:18 am Maybe she will be siding Su Ryeon later. You guys don't trust anyone except Mrs.Shim. Looking forward to see what will happen with Su Ryeon and Tutor girl. Nine Nov 05 2020 5:16 pm It gives nothing away in a good way... or not. he heard dantae and seojin's talk that seol a was in the mechanical room. In the drama it's 2019 but they have phones from 2020. plus, the only sane and kind person in the drama, Oh Yoon Hee, if they made her do murder or other illegal/immoral things, I gave up, no character to root anymore. mel Jan 06 2021 1:55 am whoaah I'm so excited with the new project of Kim So Yeon! @Ono: I feel the same! Do you agree? i think im wasting my time all this while. Go hoo dong is Min Seol A brother in states??? I watched Sky Castle. Hello SBS - this drama is just giving very bad impression of high society in South Korea. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Naria Nov 13 2020 5:15 pm (The characters here are even worst than skycastle). Aishasha. I can't support this novel. Thats so not right and not a good message at all. Why she pretend to be a mom if she cant. Good thing for her she didn't tell him that she killed Seol A 'cause it will be a big thing for the case against her. I think Doctor took her home and she is imagining. SC has given to me something like 'private emotion' & I don't know how to reacted with that. Waiting for Sure Yeon And Logan Lee bed scene cause it's rated 19 hahahahahaha. I am starting to wonder whether her character is good or evil. I read some old article that said he will cast Logan Lee? This drama is almost like sky castle, but I will wait until ep 8-9 to conclude it. Anyone watching the drama just needs to be smart enough to see that, at Penthouse, the story doesn't positively empower villains. What if the house maid was behind all this mess? Waiting for the new eps till the end ❤, don't dream so high Nov 25 2020 12:25 am 47ik Nov 02 2020 10:50 pm The actors are brilliant, they did well. The more i watch the more i get interested in this drama ! I enjoy Kairos - Shin Sung-Rok was supposed to be in penthouse as Joo Dan Tae but his performance in Kairos is awesome! Just slapped people with your brain. Bear Dec 30 2020 1:00 pm She's crazy and I think that's totally incredible. after watching short clips of this drama, i immediately fell in love with the entire show. Are Rona and Seok hoon gonna be together please let them be please i ship them, please? What a weird drama Wenn Jan 05 2021 4:51 pm I hope she stays with Anne's brother or someone who can take good care of her. I came to know that joo seok hyun and joo seok kung are shim ru ryeons biological children?

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