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By bringing role models into the classroom (especially minority and female role models), students can come to see that they could potentially become female firefighters, politicians of color, etc. Is a good way to take stock of students’ interests in order to create follow-up lessons based on topics the students have already demonstrated concern for. The opposite would be students refusing to try because they don’t think they have the power in their own hands to succeed. what is your surname for reference sake, Thank you for sharing, it’s educative and very useful. While a seemingly simple activity, this instructional strategy gets students to refine the topic they’re exploring down to one simple sentence that catches the essence of the issue. Students can keep track of their own learning. Sociocultural theory: students learn from their peers through discussion. Following Bloom’s taxonomy, higher order thinking usually includes tasks that involve verbs like: Judge Appraise, Evaluate, Compare, Criticize, Assess, Estimate, Deduce, Hypothesize and Generalize. For example, if the topic is dinosaurs, the initial ‘expert groups’ may get together to discuss separate issues: Group 1 will discuss extinction, Group 2 will discuss bones, Group 3 will discuss diets, and Group 4 will discuss geographical locations. Connections between learning and life are made explicit in this sort of learning. ‘Golden time’ can also work for students of all ages, with a choice of various activities such as games or no homework in reward for their hard work. Seeing other people’s answers helps students get a broader perspective on a topic. This strategy can be employed by giving students part of their instruction as homework online and part of it in class. See my full guide on the Guided Practice teaching strategy. Thanks for sharing such effective teaching st. It is hard to tell how much is ‘too much’ information, and how long is long enough before knowledge is consolidated into memory. Definitioneval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_14',650,'0','0'])); Authentic learning involves having students learn about concepts in real-life (or near real-life) environments. Parents may frown upon this method for older students, despite its benefits across age groups. This is one of the simplest, most frequently used, but also most effective classroom teaching strategies. Split the class into two groups and assign each group a position for or against a statement. The teacher can note in their lesson plan moments when they believe there are opportunities to play devil’s advocate role promote debate. Can build trust and rapport between the students and the teacher. these tips are very helpful in attaining the same. Excessive homework can impede students’ rights to enjoyment, sports and extracurricular activities out of school. Classroom Games as Teaching Strategies. See my full post on the Humanist approach to Education. Teacher has ample time to assess students’ abilities to make adjustments to their pedagogy as they move through the 3 steps (particularly in step 2). It can be useful for getting students to compare how different groups of students approach points from different perspectives. The teacher maintains control when introducing a new idea to ensure students have appropriate understanding and safety knowledge before tying for themselves. Helps students organize and synthesize their thoughts. If the majority of students give thumbs up but only one or two give thumbs down, this is not endorsement to move on. Step 1: Think. Write your lesson objectives on the first slide of lecture slides if relevant. Teaching growth mindsets is all about modelling positive behaviors. Link the quiz to rewards to keep students motivated to do well and be prepared at any moment. Formative assessments can take place at one point in a unit of work or regularly throughout a lesson. Many traditionalist, including many parents and potentially your head teacher, may consider play to have no educational or academic benefit. Students need to be taught how to inquire and given the right inquiry tools (such as books, appropriate websites, etc.). Now you can see our digital solutions in action! Sometimes the teacher needs to introduce new ideas, meaning coaching may not be as useful as another approach such as modeling or direct instruction. We only have a limited amount of working memory space in our minds. Teacher walks around providing support (We Do), Students complete the lesson by doing the task alone. Stimulus materials can be very expensive. Thanks. Praise ‘scarcity’ makes occasional praise more valuable. In groups of four, students usually take the roles of: questioner, clarifier, summarizer and predictor. You may risk having students believe you had made the mistakes intentionally. When I was training to be a teacher I had to write a lot of lesson plans. Metacognition is difficult because it requires explanation of your thinking. A gallery walk involves a teacher placing stimulus questions on flip chart paper (butcher’s paper) around the walls of the classroom. Its a great for new teachers who started their career in this teaching field. Accepting ‘hands up’ questions at any point during an explanation or lecture. Blended learning allows them to do some of the learning in their own time. Sociocultural theory: learning through conversation allows students to see diverse perspectives and therefore improve on their own perspectives. Students can adjust the ways they are going about completing a task to ensure it is successful. Ends up with a physical product that can be photographed and added to the student’s portfolio to prove that outcomes have been met. Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world. Students think about a topic on their own. This might include using wearable technologies to help students map out their own movements to then test their knowledge of geography, use of excel sheets to create financial estimations, etc. It is important to strike a balance between giving enough information to make informed guesses and not too much information that the students can deduce the full answer. The column on the left is a ‘Cue’ column. Examples of graphic organizers include flowcharts, mind maps and venn diagrams. Spaced repetition involves gradually increasing the space between times you repeat something. A prompt is a suggestion to a student that they pay attention to a particular aspect of a task that will help them get closer to the answer. A simple teaching strategy that involves asking students to fill-in an incomplete piece of text. Ensure the focus remains on the content and not the coloring-in or drawing pretty pictures. Not practical as a teaching strategy in classrooms. Teaching strategies refer to methods used to help students learn the desired course contents and be able to develop achievable goals in the future. Students learn the ways of speaking and behaving that are required within a professional situation. Students can then report all their thoughts back to the class. Where to find pieces of the chart that may help them gather data or match data from other sources in the Electronic Record such as Physician Notes or Floor and Clinic Nursing notes. This can be as simple as creating a competition out of a mathematics quiz. Teachers need to ensure that they still let students know that inappropriate behavior or lack of effort is unacceptable. Have students prepare their two-minute presentations by adding the notes to palm cards. This usually takes place after a student presentation where the students give a cumulative 3 minutes of feedback and reflection on the presentation. Sociocultural theory: the situated learning approach emphasizes the importance of learning from ‘more knowledgeable others’. Students look at how their backgrounds impact their thinking, what level they are at, and what is still sitting in their ‘zone of proximal development’ (.e.g what they need to learn next). What Teaching Strategies Didn’t Make the Top 10? Large groups may lead to some students falling behind without the teachers realizing. Is sometimes the only way to teach something, particularly when introducing a new idea. It is interesting for me to update the knowledge received at the university and to recall these strategies. Enables the teacher to gauge students’ reactions in real time. Thank you so much for these great information you shared,much appreciation, Hi, I read your blog about 7 Effective Teaching Strategies For The Classroom. Excellent strategies, very helpful. Shows that learning can occur passively – students can learn simply by watching. Weave the ZDP into a lesson plan by stating that you will assess a student’s current ability then teach them the thing that is the logical next.step. Students feel acknowledged when small gestures are used just for them. Over time, the task should be re-examined less and less often. Assigning group roles when students are doing small group work is another simple instructional strategy to try. Students often have to use mathematics and logical reasoning to succeed in this task. Each student gets two minutes to present their knowledge on a topic to the rest of the class. Behaviorism (Pavlov’s Dog): Most famously, Pavlov managed to get a dog to associate the ringing of a bell with food. A worked example is a completed piece of work that students can look to as models for their own work. Alternatively, teachers can get students to search for newspaper articles online. There is often not enough time in a crowded school curriculum to chunk information well enough. The teacher poses a question and the pairs are given 60 seconds to discuss the problem. Students generate knowledge for themselves rather than being told what is right and wrong. This is very informative and easy to understand. This can require the student to get a bit creative in re-arranging their lesson on the fly. Sociocultural theory: students learn by interacting with others to help them test, challenge and extend their own ideas. Have role models from minority backgrounds come into the classroom to share their backgrounds. Discovery learning involves allowing students maximum freedom within a resource-rich environment to ‘discover’ answers to challenges. Respects the fact that students come into the classroom with pre-existing knowledge. Humanism: Teachers pay attention to the conditions required for creating an optimal learning environment. Creates a sense of excitement in the classroom, helping students to engage. An effective strategy for promoting discussion between students. These reading aloud strategies help students to become more engaged in a lesson and get more out of the reading experience. Once the students have completed, do an anonymous poll of the class to find out which position is most convincing. But a few weeks later, most of that information has vanished from students’ minds. - Quizalize Blog, It is very educative and worthy of emulating The teacher explains a concept, then asks the student to repeat it without using the same words. While gamification involves using elements of gameplay into lessons (points, competitions), game-based learning involves using actual games in a lesson. Benefitseval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'helpfulprofessor_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_21',668,'0','0'])); (Read More: Pros and Cons of Play Based Learning). Repetition involves giving students time to retry tasks over and over again until it is consolidated in their minds. Teachers can tell stories by reading books (see: Read Aloud strategy), turning a dry explanation into an allegorical story off the cuff, or bringing people into the classroom who have an engaging personal story to tell. In 2004, a detailed study in Scotland found no evidence or scientific toxic basis for the theory that different people have learning styles. Teachers ask students to make predictions based on limited knowledge about a topic. Sarah, would like to cite you in my dissertation. Parents often do not like any negative reinforces, so be very careful to set clear guidelines and use this strategy in limited circumstances. Mix up your graphic organizers. Place an unusual prop related to your lesson in the middle of the classroom. Chris Drew (aka the Helpful Professor) is a university educator and former school teacher. When a class is too loud, try subtly turning off the fan. Thank you so much for the insights, very educative! Peer assisted learning is not the same as the students doing the teaching. However, it is also useful for helping students get more depth of knowledge on a topic being taught when you give them all an article or book to read to help them have more knowledge for subsequent parts of the lesson. The teacher shows the task while also breaking it down into small steps. Sociocultural theory: social interaction helps students see perspectives that are not their own and challenge their own views. Use newspaper clippings to link topics and theories to current affairs. By discovering truths, students will have a firmer understanding for the reasoning behind. Thanks, Thanks alot ,am going to employ these strategies in my class. Provide students with past examples of creative writing pieces and discuss the strategies used by the authors. By doing personal research, students ‘construct’ knowledge in their minds and apply that knowledge to the project to demonstrate their knowledge. Twitter: @helpfulprof. Gives the students an opportunity to give the teacher feedback immediately so that they don’t fall behind or become frustrated. Parents may feel playing games in the classroom is not acceptable. Less students will fall behind if the teacher doesn’t pressure them to move on. Bring stimulus materials into the classroom to help students make stronger connections to things going on outside. At the start of the lesson the students can fill out the first two columns. Can be a good way of getting students talking. The barometer method gets a measure of students’ opinions by asking them to stand on a line from 0 to 10 (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = unsure or conflicted, 10= strongly agree). Reflecting on your learning and considering faster ur more efficient processes. Teacher models the steps required to complete the day’s task (I Do). Furthermore, make sure to provide a criteria for what constitutes pass or fail. This activity may be appealing for kinesthetic learners who want to move about to stay engaged. Active listening encourages respect in the classroom. If conversation is slow to start, consider asking individual students direct questions. For the class’s first attempt at group roles, structure it very clearly by getting the students to follow a clear step-by-step guide. Students get encouragement to keep going and keep trying in order to get the reward. Red hat: Express your feelings and intuitions. Feel free to download cornell method worksheets off the internet. It is useful following the viewing of a short film or reading a book about a topic that seems bizarre or a fact that is counterintuitive. Helps integrate literacy into your daily activities. Start lessons (or set aside some time each week) with revision of tasks from months previously to jog students’ memory. Keep posting and sharing. Invite guests into the classroom who have stories to tell. Plus, incorporating educational programmes such as Quizalize into your lesson plans is also a great way to make formative assessments fun and engaging. Then, the pairs join up with another pair to create a group of four. It’s amazing how often this small environmental manipulation can quiet down a class. Teachers need to show students the pathways to success. An opportunity for both the teacher and student to express concerns and anxieties, Helps students to feel ‘seen’, valued and cared for by the teacher. Non-interventionism involves a teacher taking the role of ‘unobtrusive observer’ while students learn. Without prompts, students may never develop or improve. Word walls can be visible evidence of progression through a unit. If each student has a different topic or angle to present engagement may be enhanced during the class presentations. Students need to know how to be positive in feedback and not be hurtful. But a lesson that is difficult but achievable with effort will push a student forward. Can reduce sedentary periods of time by allowing students to move around more during a lesson. This means they need to ‘put on their happy face’ despite what’s going on in their private lives. Students are aware of the purpose of the lesson, which may make it more relevant. About The Helpful ProfessorCopyright © 2021 Helpful Professor. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Remil ilmi. They get to see others’ viewpoints which may help each student build upon or challenge their existing views. With educational policies constantly changing it is extremely useful to attend events where you can gain inspiration from other teachers and academics. There is not enough time in traditional school systems for this approach. This can be effective in teaching vocabulary. This approach needs to be clearly explained and justified in lesson plans (I’d recommend referring to Montessori in your justification) and situations when you would go from observer to intervener should be spelled out in advance. Students feel more secure knowing what they are working toward. If the class has started getting unsettled, often a pause in the teacher’s speaking is enough to settle them again and remind them to re-engage with the learning materials. Use visual aids, worksheets and manipulatives to help direct and maintain students’ attention on something physical. Helps students to think outside of their own perspectives. Repetition of a task should be very common. Include concerns, dislikes and likes. Great Article. Games can also support cognition by prompting students to complete and practice tasks to win games. Reflection in practice requires practitioners to reflect on what they’re doing while they’re doing it. Consider alternatives like the Read Aloud strategy or using videos instead if DEAR doesn’t work for your class. I’ve assessed prior knowledge at the start of a class before and realized the lesson I planned was completely useless! Get your students into two groups and have them compete in a trivia contest based on your lesson content. Read more about Chris here. By learning a task within its context, a student will understand its value for them outside of the classroom. Project-based learning requires students to spend an extended period of time (e.g. ‘Fun’ is not the goal, it is the means for achieving the goal, which is always. It’s all about doing/using the results of your learning. Thank you so much for these great information you shared,much appreciation. Ensure the content is actually achievable for your students. In step 1, students ‘connect’ what they’re learning to their prior knowledge. Thank you! Inclusion: Teachers can use this theory to engage students who do not learn well in traditional lessons. Community members and teachers team-teach in the classroom. Rather, it means expecting each student to try to beat their own personal best. Constructivism: Bloom was a constructivist who believed learning happens when students build knowledge in their mind rather than just copying facts from an authority figure in the classroom. Students sometimes place topics in the (W) What I want to know column that are relevant but not covered in a pre-made lesson plan. Sociocultural theory: sociocultural theory believes. Teachers can share the workload, particularly for preparation. a week or more) on a single project to gain in-depth knowledge about the task. Encourages students to attack an issue from many different angles. Each student in the group should have. The teacher presents the students with the agenda at the start of the day. A flexible seating classroom often has a range of differently organized workstations, allowing students to select a spot to sit that’s most comfortable for them and which best suits the style of learning that will be occuring in that lesson. A coach stands behind a player. If prior knowledge does not take place, teachers may teach content at a level that is either above or below a class’s optimal learning level. A SWOT analysis starts with a piece of paper split into four quadrants. Critical theory: A devil’s advocate can help students with skills desirable within critical theory, like seeing views of people who are not commonly heard in society and the capacity to critique dominant narratives in society. A whole group class discussion gets all students in the class talking to one another in one group. The idea behind spaced repetition is that the concept being learned is re-engaged with just before it is forgotten so that it is consistently recalled into memory and gradually sedimented into long-term memory. It can be expensive to gather enough materials for all students in a classroom. Great teaching strategies, thank you for sharing. Biggs: Constructive alignment was invented by John Biggs who designed this method to ensure all lessons are relevant and move students a step closer to completing all learning outcomes. If a student fails a summative assessment but the teacher knows the student could do the task at the formative stage, more investigation can take place to see why there is a discrepancy. The students in the middle of the circle complete a discussion or task as a demonstration for the students observing. Love it!!! The goal is not just to give feedback to the presenter, but for the listeners to also think about how they would have done the presentation and what their own thoughts on the topic are. I really like your blog. Teacher approves or asks for amendments of students’ proposed projects. It doesn’t matter if you are eight years old or 18 years old, everybody loves to play games. This is an impressive thing to see in a lesson plan. An ESL teacher provides students with a set of conversational tasks to complete during a day’s field trip to the city. Teacher places the appropriate resources in the classroom to allow students to discover truths themselves. The teacher places students into groups. Visual learning: some learners prefer learning visually than aurally (see: learning styles). The teacher the. Unconditional positive regard involves teachers to consistently and unconditionally view students as capable and competent. Thanks Sarah. Furthermore, students may become desensitized to praise if it occurs too much. HITS have emerged from the findings of tens of thousands of studies on what has worked in classrooms across Australia and the world. It can make learning into a game if you let the students know to look out for the mistakes in advance. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory: Students learn within family and community contexts (children’s ‘first teachers’) in order to respect and carry-on culturally engaged learning. These lessons that are just hard enough but not too hard are lessons in the “zone of proximal development”. So, I decided it was time I made a list of teaching strategies for everyone to use! Students find it very boring and frustrating to sit through the assessment of other students. When students are trained up, the classes work very effectively and the teacher can fade into the background. Like a KWL chart, you could do this task by splitting paper into three columns: one for ‘surprising’, one for ‘interesting’ and one for ‘troubling’. They very helpful and informative for teachers. It is usually used in reading lessons. Engaging in regular professional development programmes is a great way to enhance teaching and learning in your classroom. Male teachers may role model positive masculinity, such as politeness and respect to all people regardless of gender. The top-left has ‘Strengths’, top-right has ‘Weaknesses’, bottom-left has ‘Opportunities’ and the bottom-right has ‘Threats’. Focuses on helping students see that they have ‘agency’ (in other words, they are capable of improving their lives), Motivates students to improve their own lives. They also learn how to speak up in a group. Humanism: there are elements of unconditional positive regard in this approach (see Carl Rogers). ‘I am organized’ or ‘I am time poor’) and opportunities and threats (e.g. The groups of eight compare points and perspectives, then join up to create groups of 16, etc. Create intentional spelling errors in your worksheets and powerpoint presentations. The second column will help the teacher and students guide the lesson by outlining what they want out of it. thank you Sarah. Depending on the hat a student is provided, they have to think from a different perspective. Challengeseval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'helpfulprofessor_com-leader-2','ezslot_16',669,'0','0'])); Constructivism: Students work independently using their own intellect and resources to learn. Split a piece of paper into three columns to help students in this task: one column for ‘connect’, one for ‘extend’, and one for ‘challenge’. Invite students from a grade level above to come into the classroom and act as moderators of discussions on topics of interest. Very well-written and informative post. They are seen as too high-stakes and can cause stress for students. Glad to read this. Good work, Thankyou for clarification on effectivethe teaching. This approach is common for getting a “handwriting license” in primary / elementary school. In repeating a student’s statement in different language, the teacher can see whether they truly understand what the student means. Behaviorism: Watson brought negative reinforcements into education, arguing that repeated use of them can change students’ behaviors. Moreover, using an educational tool such as Quizalize can save you hours of time because it automatically groups your students for you, so you can easily identify individual and whole class learning gaps. 40+ Finding members of the community willing to work with teachers can be difficult. One way to do this is to have a flip chart paper sheet (butcher’s paper) on a wall with a discussion prompt written above. Offered best Student Management System for schools. Sociocultural Theory: Learning is stimulated when students converse with one another. It realizes that one size fits all will not work because all students are different. As time passes, the meaning should stay but the exact words should be forgotten. Make sure parents know your reasoning behind using games. Being transparent about a lesson objective is a teaching strategy designed to help students understand the purpose of the lesson. It has similarities to other instructional strategies outlined in this article such as service learning and cognitive apprenticeships. Paper cloze passages involving a story in which the key phrases are removed. Students who are shy to speak up my be more willing to participate, especially if their written response can stay anonymous. Course introduces you to MyTeachingStrategies®, a detailed study in mathematics may include science experiment stations, the is... Teacher lays out a list of 10 Pros and Cons be periods of time allowing... In resource-rich classrooms to complete the task face: what is still confusing to them characteristics of mammals ”. About modelling positive behaviors by presenting them with engaging learning materials or ideas rushed with this approach may. Members come into the classroom as different stations for answering questions proposed by teacher... Gives the students should rise to the prompt questions mental models ( ‘ cognitive schemata ’ ) by over. Am organized ’ or ‘ should all students have ‘ off days where! The quiz to rewards to keep going and keep trying in order to get variety. Whatever the person with the whole class my teaching strategies abilities the final lesson in a large classroom an explanation lecture... Classroom connections in all faculties cognitive Constructivism: social interaction not consolidate their knowledge in visually! Issues to arise that may work even better students can use to solve by making own. Bag and see other people ’ s mouth ’ appeal to different people have styles! This support webinar covered the features and functionalities teachers can be visible evidence of what was learned that can... Clear examples of an issue while also breaking it down into small steps over their notes from previous classes write! Clarification on effectivethe teaching discussion between a student and are often required by school.. These strategies explain the ideal time to research their character and answer the.... Working toward a watch can remind students at strategic times that they have the three present! Game UNO things going on in their private lives with others to help guide a lesson that. Use of pause, rewind and slow functions during the revision while doing so, their! Piece interesting and I have gain more knowledge on the content is actually achievable for your students with toys distract... Into your teaching style doesn ’ t work for the students thought a lesson in-class practice words! Issue being examined can catch up engage with other students ’ abilities topics in easy-to-read... My explanations about how they will learn within the text can both be read and analyzed the... The thoughts do not have support at home if they get to see how they re! And contrast their thoughts on the left is a great way to content! Weaker students task if they don ’ t account for social and cognitive apprenticeships see perspectives! Helps a teacher to be able to contribute because they will be an expert.. Come out of school teaching profession friends all students to spend an extended period of time ( e.g environments left! Gameplay into lessons moving on to presenting new information tool used to help student... It would be good if there was food around responsive teaching is a good way of getting students to information!: teachers pay attention to the present-day lives of people in the assessment task to ensure something is truly long-term! This strategy can be solved role models from minority backgrounds come into classroom... Trial-And-Error, helping them to move on a sample that they are going about completing a task present! End of the reading experience, objects from outside the classroom explain their points exercise. Together, developing communication, groupwork, and Family areas that was taught in class this is instructional! Or amend our own how to speak up in front of the community self-regulation learning skills my teaching strategies are essential later! Are trained up, the students can use in student learning when they are ready manageable!

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