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It means that neither buyers nor sellers could gain the upper hand. Just like long upper shadows are a strong bearish signal, long lower shadows are a strong bullish signal. They reflect selling pressure that could not sustain through the day, and instead, the bulls pushed the sellers back. Even if this candle has a black candle body, it is a very bullish signal because of the long lower shadow.

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If a spinning top forms on the daily, you know a seriously big battle is raging. So we need to wait for more signs price could be about to reverse before entering a trade. It’s simple enough – just watch for a spinning top once price hits a level or enters a demand zone. With that in mind, we can use spinning tops as hints on whether a reversal/retracement is near. The candle color is the only difference between the bearish and bullish spinning top.

The Spinning Top Candlestick and Trend Indecision 🤔

In conclusion, the https://forexarena.net/ pattern is a powerful reversal/continuation pattern that can be used for both buy and sell signals in many Forex trading strategies. When trading with this candlestick pattern it’s important to wait for confirmation before entering trades, manage risk by using stop-loss orders, and set realistic profit targets. Price movements within the spinning top candlestick indicate that buyers and sellers are overriding each other, resulting in homogenous open and close price trends. Using the spinning top pattern in a trading strategy will help the trader work within the minimum suggested investment time.

This candlestick in the middle of a move may mean nothing, but at a resistance or support may very well represent the very day a reversal is about to happen. The hammer candlestick is basically the inverse version of a shooting star. But instead of occurring at resistance, it will occur at support. It’s named a hammer because it looks like a hammer, and it is said that the stock is hammering out support. Unlock trading opportunities in more than 900 financial markets with INFINOX. So again, DO NOT use spinning tops as reversal signals, they don’t work.

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However, the https://trading-market.org/ of the candlestick is mostly found within an uptrend, a downtrend, and a sideways movement, indicating a potential reversal. The bullish trend increases the price further, while the bearish trend lowers the price until the overall price closes where it opened. Spinning tops are a common candlestick pattern, which means they work best in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis. Indicators or other forms of analysis, such as identifying support and resistance, may aid in making decisions based on candlestick patterns. The spinning top is a candlestick pattern that signals indecision between buyers and sellers and may indicate a possible trend reversal. It is another common and effective candlestick reversal pattern used by forex traders to find trading opportunities and market trends.

Shooting Star: What It Means in Stock Trading, With an Example – Investopedia

Shooting Star: What It Means in Stock Trading, With an Example.

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It shows that neither buyers or sellers are in control and that the market is deciding on its next move. A spinning top occurring at the peak of an uptrend can signify that the bullish is losing track and the trend is about to reverse. However, when a spinning top is at the base of a downtrend, it is a sign that the bearish is losing control, and the bullish may take control.

What is the spinning top candlestick chart pattern?

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They appear way too often so a lot of false signals will be seen. Even if a confirmation candle is waited for as stated above, a reversal might not occur. Uploaded by gold tolani forex © dominantThe wicks of the candlestick in the image above illustrate where price visited but was not sustained. In the case of a spinning top, there are upper and lower wicks showing both buyers and sellers could not sustain their strength.

But how do you know when the range has enough “juice” to generate a trending move. On the other hand, the candlestick double-spinning top pattern refers to a continuation of the previous trend. The second and final confirmation method requires that a candlestick that follows the pattern should move above the high of the spinning top, without moving below the spinning top’s low first. The chart example above shows the same spinning top forex patterns as before, but this time we added the relative strength index indicator to the lower panel of the chart. In this chart, we have the perfect combo to enter a short-selling position – spinning top pattern, double top pattern, and the intersection at the 61.8% Fibonacci level. To completely validate a trend reversal, we also added Fibonacci levels from the highest to the lowest price levels of the prior trend.

  • The blue line of the indicator is the RSI line, and the black-dashed horizontal lines represent levels where a market is considered oversold or overbought.
  • This doji shows that the overall price movement for that day was zero pips or just a minimum range of 1-3 pips.
  • Learn how to trade forex in a fun and easy-to-understand format.
  • Common Doji Candlestick Pattern IllustrationA doji is a candle whose close and open are nearly identical that doesn’t require a trend.
  • A Tweezer Top is a bearish reversal pattern seen at the top of uptrends and consists of two Japanese candlesticks with matching tops.

You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold The Forex Geek and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. Price and volume are the oldest indicators you will find in the market. As day traders we are always looking for an edge, hence the endless supply of indicators and trading methodologies. If you are interested in trading spinning tops, you can do so within Tradingsim.

This could signal that sellers have taken control of the market and may push prices lower shortly. Of course, it’s essential to always research before entering any trade and ensure you understand all the risks involved. The spinning top candlestick pattern is valuable for traders looking to identify potential market reversals. By recognizing this candlestick pattern and applying the appropriate trading strategies, traders can increase their chances of making market profits. However, it’s essential to always research before entering any trade and ensure you understand all the risks involved.

  • Let’s assume you’re following Aston Martin’s share price, which opens the trading day at 442p.
  • A good rule of thumb is that any candle whose wicks are 3x larger than its real body is a high-wave, not a bullish spinning top.
  • Prices cross below the low and back above $338 the next day, triggering an entry.
  • The bullish spinning top appeared on the EnPhase November 3rd, 2021, daily chart.
  • The price does head a bit lower but then reverses to the upside.

Its all in the context of where the https://forexaggregator.com/ forms on your chart. As seen in the short body of the candlestick, the market didn’t change much when it closed versus when it opened. A Spinning Top is a Japanese candlestick with a small real body and long upper and lower shadows.


Each candlestick measures price fluctuations within a certain time frame. Whoever wins will control price, but that will only show on the next candle, not the spinning top. The candle doesn’t reveal who won the battle, only that it took place! You have to wait for the next candle to show a pin bar or engulf to know who’s now in control of price.